Our expertise

We wish to be your daily partner


We define together to strategy to implement, taking into account the location, the state of your assets, your desires and your financial capabilities. A shared strategy is the key to success in sustainable management.


We define together the strategy to implement taking into account the location, the state of yourassets, your desires and your financial capabilities. A shared strategy is the key to success in sustainable management.

Cash flow manager

We follow cash requirements on a daily basis and manage payments accordingly. We limit your riskswith transfers to savings or other accounts at your convenience.

Quality of service

We make sure that the customers experience is optimal and that remarks or complaints are handledwithout delay. We ensure compliance with HACCP standards and all legal constraints specific to ouroperation.


We advocate the necessary investments and renewals. We make sure that the technical constraintsare respected and support you for safety commissions.


In the continuity of what has already been undertaken, it involves optimizing the relationship withyour franchisor if necessary, a local action plan, optmized management of your marketing channelsand know-how in the negotiation of contract with tour operators or local companies.


We establish multi-year budgets and business plans. We produce files for obtaining credits or grantsfor work for example. We take care to ensure quality supplier relationships with the perfect respect of payment termes and conditions of contract termination if any.

Human ressources management

Coaching teams on a daily basis requires enthusiasm, listening and a methodology for constructive work.


We are a force of proposal and implement all the measures of protection of your customers and your staff.


We help you in the definition of your project, its budgets, its conceptualization and itsimplementation even if the hotel is partially or totally closed.


A good understanding of customer demand allows the management of flexible rates and revenue packages for your asset. Branfing, e-reputation, organizing events, integration into the local economicfabric, mastery of social networks are all sources of success.

Cost control

We carry out a monthly control of the business ratios in order to have a decision-making process thatis both safe and fast.

Active recruitment

The quality of a recruitment is the guarantee of a sustainable recruitment and a serene management. We have our own internal recruitment firm with real know-how in termes of sourcing and assessment.


We provide all the necessary advice on contractual matters, review of contracts and follow-up, as wellas in litigation proceedings.